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Name:Twilight Sparkle
Birthdate:Aug 7
Character Name: Twilight Sparkle
Series: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Played By:[info]nalina
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Species: Unicorn Pony


Twilight Sparkle is a lilac coloured unicorn pony. Like all ponies from Equestria, she has markings on her hip (a 'cutie mark'): a large pink six-pointed star surrounded by five smaller ones. Her mane is dark blue, with pink and purple streaks, that she keeps in what could be considered the pony version of a bob. Given that she's a unicorn and all, she has a horn on her forehead. She's probably comes roughly to half a adult human's height, thus is relatively small.


Twilight is a bookworm. It doesn't take long to pick up on that fact. There was even a time when she'd easily pick studying over going to a party with friends. Luckily she finally learned the value of friendship and learned to put aside her books.

She's a very intelligent and clever pony, with strong leadership and problem solving skills. She's also a pretty fast learner, absorbing knowledge very quickly. However, much of her knowledge comes from what she's read in books. In some situations, she can completely fall apart if she can't find the knowledge that will solve her problem. Also, because of this, she can also seem incredibly naive at times, especially when it comes to social situations. She is rather prone, in fact, to missing certain social cues from her friends.

Sensible and generally fairly level headed, she's often a voice of reason amongst her, sometimes rather eccentric, group of friends. She can, however, grow frustrated with them at times; her patience has a limit. She also is known to deliver the odd sarcastic comment and can even a bit snarky now and then.

Also, while her magic ability is top-notch, she's really rather humble about it. She doesn't like to show off her abilities, even if she is one of the best in Ponyville.

She tries hard now to be a good friend and does worry, from time to time, about doing something that would make her lose her friends. She really is a thoughtful and caring pony, she just shows it more now that she learned it really is good to not always be buried in her studies.


Once upon a time, there were two sisters who ruled over a magical land called Equestria. The older sister used her unicorn powers raise the sun and her sister would raise the moon, keeping harmony over the land. However, the younger sister grew resentful because all the ponies played and relished in the day, but shunned and slept through her beautiful nights.

One day she refused to lower the moon. Her older sister tried to reason with her, but the bitterness in her heart had transformed her into a wicked mare of darkness, Nightmare Moon. She vowed to shroud the world in darkness. Left with no choice, the older sister used the Elements of Harmony to vanish her sister to the moon.

However, an old pony tale says on the longest day of the thousandth year, the stars would aid in Nightmare Moon's escape and she would would bring forth night time eternal.

At least, that's what Twilight's books said.

Twilight Sparkle, a unicorn pony, lived in the city of Canterlot. Presumably born there, she is the pupil of the ruler of Equestria, Princess Celestia.

Certain that disaster was close-at-hand, Twilight had her baby dragon, Spike, sent a message to the Princess. Her reply? Get your nose out of those books. Princess Celestia decided to send Twilight off to Ponyville, the host city for this year's Sun Celebration, with instructions to check on the preperations and to make friends.

Unhappily, Twilight complies, deciding to check on everything as fast as she can, so she could further research the Elements of Harmony at the library the Princess arranged for her to stay at. Of course that didn't go quite to plan. Finally, a surprise party drove her to hide in her room, having decided the whole town was crazy.

Finally, all the ponies gathered to watch the Princess raise the sun, BUT she was no where to be found! And then, just like the old pony's tale said, Nightmare Moon appeared, vowing to never let the sun rise again!

No one seemed to know what was going on, except Twilight. She was ready to go alone to face Nightmare Moon, but five of the ponies she'd met that day, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, refused to let her go alone.

The six ponies made their way to the castle that was said to be the location of the Elements of Harmony. Sure enough, they were there, but so was Nightmare Moon! Destroying the stones, Twilight thought all was doomed, but then it hit her. The elements of harmony were there! All her new friends embodied each of the elements. As for the sixth? It was the spark that had formed in her when she realized they were all her friends; the spark of magic!

And thus, Nightmare Moon was defeated, returning to her original form of Princess Luna, Princess Celestia's younger sister. The sun was raised and there was a huge celebration!

Yet, Twilight was sad. She'd made all these wonderful new friends, but would now have to return to Canterlot to continue her studies. The Princess, however, decided that Twilight Sparkle should continue to live in Ponyville and study the magic of friendship, and report back to her with her findings.

Thus Twilight and Spike came to stay in Ponyville with their new friends, having adventures and misadventures and all that sort of stuff!

Supernatural Abilities:

Most unicorn ponies have magical abilities, but Twilight is a special pony who has been mastering a great deal of different pony magic. So far she's apparently learned 25 different tricks. We haven't seen all of them yet, but have seen a good deal.

Her most used magical ability is her telekinetic power. She uses it to move objects around and flip the pages of a book, etc. When you don't have hands, it's a very useful ability.

Another ability is teleporting or 'winking' as it's historically called in MLP canon. She doesn't use it very often, and she is only able to teleport a very short distance from her previous spot. Most often only a few yards away. She's only once been shown to go a bit further (to her own house, suggesting she needs to know the place she's teleporting to), and she didn't seem fully sure it'd even work, much less bring Spike along with her. (And he suffered for it.)

She's also been shown to have the ability to create a moustache, create a breezes, music (not sure how that worked), turned rocks and leaves into a suit, make a plow 'come to life' (but quickly she lost control of it), created a door with a frame, give Rarity a pair of wings (but hard spell was hard, and the sun melted them. Oops), used a cloud walking spell and made a bunch of creatures lose their appetite for food (which rather backfired). She also tried to help a young pony gain her cutie mark, but as she predicted, it didn't work.

Supernatural Weaknesses:

Though Twilight is a very magical talented unicorn by pony standards, she is still learning. And most of the pony magic (we've seen so far, excluding the elements of harmony) is largely rather benign. The largest thing she's ever done with her magic was to levitate a Ursa Minor (a large bear... that was just a baby) and milk a bunch of cows (...yes, I'm serious) but even in canon, that was a strain for her.

So in Chicago I imagine she will find moving large objects or a large group of objects extrodinarily difficult and exhausting, and certainly will not be able to move Ursa Minor sized creatures around for miles. And teleporting will be also more difficult, and certainly only done over a very short distance. Some of her other less used tricks might also just be a little tougher to do than she's used to and not work quite as planned. (Like a wind might be a tiny little breeze.)

Natural Abilities:

Her strongest natural ability is probably just simply using her head. She's quite clever and very good at problem solving. She's also a natural leader, able to take charge of a situation with ease. Twilight is also very organized and good at organizing others.

Possessions: Nada.

Twilight Sparkle and My Little Pony is (C) Hasbro. This journal is totally for fun and nothing more.
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